What We Do

We believe that these 5 emphases will help to strengthen communities through the establishment of healthy societal norms among vulnerable populations. Through provision, instruction and mentoring, we work to reduce family dysfunction, criminality and violence while promoting community responsibility, personal dignity and healthy citizenry.


Development of our youth is development of our future. PGI has invested itself in taking every opportunity to inform, inspire and empower students at every level. From grade school to college, we have been and will continue to support our education system with community engagement through volunteerism.



Faith communities are a driving force behind the value systems of many citizens. PGI recognizes that and works to support the efforts of these communities to establish spiritual resource connections as well as provide for tangible basic needs.



Prisoners and returning citizens from correctional institutions have been a focus of PGI from the foundations of our development. Prisoners who are about to reenter society have basic resource needs and social development needs. Those who have already transitioned often need mental and emotional support. PGI and our partners work to meet those needs through connecting them with mental health, job skill training and employment.



Overcoming addiction is often a process that takes longer than most treatment programs last. PGI works to supplement the programs with aftercare support such as sponsorship, support groups and mentoring.



The needs of the homeless are myriad. PGI works to provide food, clothing, counseling and direction for a healthy life.