Pneuma Gallery Inc: Reducing violence, recidivism and family dysfunction while building community.


Since 2013, Gerrel Jones has been working with Individuals and organizations to improve the lives of the citizens of his community. He began with teaching in churches, local schools and colleges. Then he expanded to teaching in Alabama and Georgia prisons. While working at the Foundry Men’s Recovery Center in Bessemer as a full time counselor, Gerrel still managed to feed homeless people in the streets of Birmingham. While working with the Birmingham Violence Reduction Initiative, Gerrel was able to provide resources to many of the most vulnerable populations in the city. These are the services that became the emphases of outreach as Pneuma Gallery developed. School, Church, Prison, Recovery and Homeless.


Our resource network includes volunteers and organizations who provide immediate needs such as food, clothing and shelter as well as long term needs such as recovery therapy, counseling and job training.


Here is a short list of our resource network:


Innovation Depot

The Church @ Bradford Rd

Impact Family Counseling

Last Psalms Ministries

Birmingham Police Dept

Jefferson County Circuit Court


And more